Scientific and production company “CHEM” LTD - modern, dynamically developing production company which is focused on production of the medicines substances, based by group of experts in the field of organic synthesis in 2006.

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About Company

”CHEM” company consistently leads the policy aimed at the creation of effective and safe production, maintenance the high quality standards in the released pharmaceutical substances, using the possibilities of modern technologies, high potential of a domestic science and ten years' experience in the development of organic synthesis technologies.
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From the date of the basis, the company is developing and carrying out industrial chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. The main priority of the company is the development of science intensive technologies and their use in the substances production. The organization of pharmaceutical substances production allows Russian pharmaceutical factories be supplied with the necessary raw materials for the production of finished pharmaceutical products.

One of the main values of “CHEM” is staff, that's why we pay special attention to increase of the staff's social security, development and motivation of the personnel and also constant improvement of working conditions.

“CHEM” eternally improves its research, production and human potential for embodiments of science achievements the production.

The company “CHEM” is the modern complex which is lockated in the settlement Kuzmolovsky in Leningrad region. Production rooms are equipped with the modern domestic and foreign equipment. Observance of the standards during production process is constantly supervised by quality control laboratory of the company.

Incorporating the research laboratory the company has a possibility to develop technology and make chemical and substances by request, providing dynamic requirements of the growing market preparations.


# Substance
1 Meldonium, substance-powder
2 Gopantenic acid, substance-powder
3 Butylaminohydroxypropoxyphenoxymethylmethyloxadiazole, substance-powder
4 Theophylline, substance-powder
5 Hydroxymethylquinoxalindioxyde, substance-powder
6 Tilorone, substance-powder
7 Methylethylpiridinol hydrochloride, substance-powder
8 Methylphenylthiomethyl-dimethylaminomethyl-hydroxy-bromindol carbonic acid ethyl ester, substance-powder
9 Mifepristone, substance-powder
10 Ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate, substance-powder
11 Diazolin, substance-powder
12 Glutamic acid, substance-powder
13 Acetarsol, substance-powder
14 Lamivudine, substance-powder
15 Phenibutum, substance-powder
16 Glycerin, substance-liquid




Address: Leningrad region, 188663, Vsevoloshky district, settlement Kuzmolovsky, Zavodskaiy str. 3, building 142
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Leningrad region, 188663, Vsevoloshky district, settlement Kuzmolovsky, Zavodskaiy str. 3, building 142
Phone/Fax: +7(812)702-19-85

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